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  • Middlesex County Educational Article of the Month - Mole Trapping: How To Trap A Mole

Mole Trapping: How To Trap A Mole

Mole Trapping: How To Trap A Mole

Moles have invaded mostly all parts of the world. They mostly prefer gardens, grassland and mixed woodlands where there is plenty of soil to dig tunnels. These tunnels are just not passage to travel but they also serve as food storage and birthplaces of their litter. Middlesex County Moles cause damages to gardens which can be very frustrating. Trapping Massachusetts moles are advised to control moles from invading property.

Here we will discuss different techniques used for trapping Middlesex County moles which can be carried throughout the year almost any season and any weather conditions. However it is found that trapping during early fall and springs are more effective.

Live trapping
Live trapping method is done by digging holes at the tunnels deep enough to set a wide mouth jar beneath the mole runaway. Then you need to cover the opening with a board so that no light passes through. Finally when the mole travels through the runway it falls into the jar. That needs to be disposed at a far location.

There is a method where harpoon needs to be set in a shallow active tunnel. The device which is set inside the tunnel needs to push into the soil until the trigger lays flat and the trigger latch should be outside the trigger pan lip which will hold the frame firmly. Once the Massachusetts mole lands on the pan the latch will slide over the pan trapping the Middlesex County mole.

Scissors trap
The next trapping technique we have is known as Scissors trap in a deep active tunnel. The device looks like a scissor which is directly set in the moles path. The device acts like a speed breaker lying at the center of the tunnel. Safety hook should be used once the trap is cocked. There are two jaws just like a scissors which should align with the tunnel so that the mole has to pass through the jaw before hitting the speed breaker. We need to fill the entire opening with lose soil so the daylight does not pass through once the trap is set in position.

Paper Clip Trap
The trap which is set down inside a tunnel back to back and each facing outward is called a Paper Clip Trap. Mole coming from any direction crawling through the tunnel will hit the pin that hold to open the paper clip trap. This will cause the pin to slide and trap the mole and eventually killing the mole. The important thing in setting up a mole trap is to find a right and active Massachusetts mole tunnel.

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