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  • Middlesex County Educational Article of the Month - How To Get Pigeon Out Of Your Attic

How To Get Pigeon Out Of Your Attic

How To Get Pigeon Out Of Your Attic

Pigeons are incredibly intelligent Middlesex County animal with outstanding navigational ability. There are many varieties of pigeon around the globe which differ in color and size. During early days pigeons used to live in high places mostly hills, cliffs, caves and watch towers, gradually as time went on they prefer nesting on roofs, attics where there is abundant supply of food and water. Pigeons are not dangerous birds but large numbers can cause damage to Massachusetts property, vegetation and human beings.

Attic is one of the most favorite places for Middlesex County pigeon to nest or roost making terrible mess inside with its droppings, features, foods and nesting materials so evacuation is very important.

1: Firstly we need to make sure that the entry point in the attic should be clear, it might be a large door or a window so that the Massachusetts bird notices the point.

2: Once the point is clear just leave the Middlesex County bird alone. As they are very sensitive they might need some time to notice the exit and eventually will fly away. If this does not work then you have to coax it with a box or a cloth picking up the Massachusetts bird gently and then carrying it out of the attic.

3: Infested attic is a place where parasites and molds thrive which attracts other pests which can cause lung diseases in human being and also affects pets and cause damage to Middlesex County property. So exclusion of pigeon is very necessary. Pigeons have the power to detect sound at much lower frequencies and some frequency of sound can disturb them. There are some sonic repellent devices available in the market that can emit sounds to scare and disorient the birds and act like threat signals. Installing these devices can help in getting the Massachusetts pigeons out of the attic.

4: Pigeons are scared of owls and setting up scare –owl is another option to scare the pigeons and make them out of the attic. There are some plastic owl bird scare devices available in the high street and online which can be implemented to get rid of these pigeon out of the attic, however Middlesex County pigeon being an intelligent bird not sure whether the device will affect them or not.

5: If this does not work then we need some help from the Massachusetts professional who are expert and specialized in this field. They are equipped with modern tools and have better knowledge of bird’s behavior. :

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