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  • Middlesex County Educational Article of the Month - Pigeon Repellent

Pigeon Repellent

There exist countless repellent methods in the market but only the humane methods are advised to be used against a Middlesex County pigeon infestation. Some of them are natural eco-friendly solutions that guarantee permanent solution while some are perennial means. Pigeons are usually safe at the rooftops, attics, ledges, window sills or other convenient surfaces. You at least have the obvious reasons for deterring these critters, so, the deterrents go with different house locations.

Pepper spray and natural spices
A concoction of apple cider vinegar, crushed pepper and water is the perfect natural repellent you can spray at these Massachusetts birds’ pit stops. Spray it in places they like perching on since they hate natural spices and will try to avoid them by all means. By spaying this blend on surfaces, they will avoid the area irresistibly. Some other spices include cinnamon, cayenne pepper or pepper. Sprinkling these in their nesting areas will deter them. These natural remedies have a tendency of wearing out, be sure to refresh them frequently otherwise they won’t work well.

Pigeon control spikes and bird netting
Spikes are most often laid at the ledges and overhangs so as to prevent Middlesex County pigeons from perching on the surface. These spikes are usually sharp and offer no leg spacing for them, making it difficult to land. Bird netting are used to prevent entry in open spaces. These spaces could be those leading to attics, vents or chimneys. Birds will however avoid them over time

Tacky proof gel and anti-perching wire
This substance make perching and roosting areas inhospitable. Some are usually soft while others are pepper hot. Spreading this gel in places they perch will rapidly reduce the perching as it eventually forces them to leave. An anti-perching wire is the other method where a wire is installed just above the roof ridge. When the bird perches on the wire, it swings making the Massachusetts bird uncomfortable.

Electrified tracking

Nothing deters a Middlesex County pigeon the most like a little dose of electricity. These non-lethal product can be installed similar to the regions spike strips are placed:
- Ledges
- Gutters
- Beams
- Overhangs
- Other surfaces
Bird Jolt Flat Track is one product used heavily and it’s resistant to water damages if properly fixed.

Gimmicks, sonic and ultra-sonic repellents
Ultra-sonic and sonic repellent devices are placed outdoors or in semi-enclosed regions. These devices are silent to the human ear but very lethal to and offensive to the Middlesex County pigeons. They are usually placed at parks, stadium, hangars, warehouses and other large buildings. Gimmicks like fake predators can also deter them. These methods work shortly, the birds get used to them later on and they will have little to no effects.

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